About Us

About US

Our Mission

AnewAmerica exists to enrich the lives of its participants and their families while strengthening their contributions to America as a whole. AnewAmerica provides training and technical assistance to targeted communities for economic and social empowerment through a focus on green entrepreneurship, asset building, social responsibility and civic engagement. We work with traditionally challenged communities, which include new Americans (new citizens, refugees and immigrants), women, minorities and low to moderate income households, to empower them to make  their American dream a reality while contributing to the economic growth and social capital of their communities.



The Need

Many low-income families were barely able to make ends meet before the 2008 recession. These challenges were acute in immigrant families; studies show that one quarter of foreign-born Latino and Southeast Asian individuals in California live at or below the poverty line. Despite their high entrepreneurial energy, low-income families find it difficult to break out of a cycle of poverty.

The Opportunity

To address this need, AnewAmerica offers a holistic three-year program, the Business Incubator, that assists low-income individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area to establish or expand microbusinesses, build personal assets for the sustainability of their families, and develop the community assets necessary to support the political, social, and cultural empowerment of their communities.

Our History

AnewAmerica Community Corporation (formerly The New America Foundation) was founded in 1999 by a group of community leaders, led by Sylvia Rosales-Fike (AnewAmerica Founder, President & CEO 1999-2010) representing immigrants and community development advocates who saw a continuing lack of integrated job creation, asset development, and community empowerment strategies for low-income new Americans living in the San Francisco Bay Area.


In 2011, AnewAmerica received the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative Award (NEI) from Bank of America, which recognizes organizations working to improve their communities.

“Every year, in the East Bay and more than 40 other communities across the country, Bank of America recognizes, nurtures and rewards high-performing nonprofits through its signature philanthropic program, the Neighborhood Excellence Initiative (NEI). "Neighborhood Builder" recipients are locally-based organizations that are chosen by a committee of local Bank of America executives and community leaders because they are creating a significant impact in the local community.

NEI provides them with the resources they need to stabilize and grow, including a $200,000 unrestricted grant for general operating support and access to a specially designed leadership development program for its senior executives and emerging leaders. In 2011, the NEI selection committee in the East Bay chose AnewAmerica as one of two organizations deserving of this special recognition.”

-Jeremey Williams, Bank Of America - Community Relations Manager, Global Corporate Social Responsibility

AnewAmerica is an equal opportunity service provider. Our programs are open to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, familial status or disability.