Green Business Certificate Program

Green Business Certificate Program

Go Green Today!

AnewAmerica is excited to offer alumni and current enrollees the opportunity to become a Certified Green Businesses. An increasing number of business owners and consumers are realizing the importance of implementing environmentally-friendly business practices for the health and safety of humans and the planet. Join the green movement and get your business certified today!

The advantages of “going green”:

  • By "going green", your business will be in alignment with local and state and government initiatives focused on sustainability and climate change mitigation.  Greening your business will keep you one step ahead of future laws which will require eco-friendly business operations. At some point, your business will have to be green -- why not start today?
  • You will improve profitability with cost savings.
  • Your business will retain and attract talented employees, who care about the eco-friendly mission.
  • You will have access to AnewAmerica’s Certified Green Business logo to use in your marketing and advertising
  • You will receive special recognition through AnewAmerica’s Business Directory, and eligibility for AnewAmerica’s “Green Business of the Year” contest to be awarded at our annual gala and/or Social Responsibility Festival. In addition, you will be considered for an AnewAmerica grant to assist you in greening your business.
  • You will be recognized as a leader in environmentally-sustainable business.
  • You will be “part of the solution” by joining the effort to protect our natural resources!
  • You will attract more business!!!

By becoming a Certified Green Business, you have the opportunity to participate in a range of Bay Area green business events, including the popular San Francisco Green Festival, and you may be eligible for an AnewAmerica "going green" stipend to help you offset costs associated with greening your business.

AnewAmerica Certified Green Businesses are involved in a diverse array of industries. The most popular green industry is cleaning services, which represents 24% of AnewAmerica Certified Green Businesses.  Other popular industries include day care (13%), food businesses (13%), and retail, apparel and office spaces (7%). No matter what industry you participate in, you can take steps to start greening your business today!

AnewAmerica's partner organizations in the field of green business include The Bay Area Green Business Program, The Green House Collective,, Oakland Recycles, Greenlining, Green Cafe Network, Urban Solutions, Contra Costa Child Care Council, Center for Green Business (Richmond), San Jose Environmental Services, and San Jose Recycles.

How to become a Certified Green Business

1. Download and Complete the Certified Green Business Application by clicking the link below:

AnewAmerica Certified Green Business Program Application (English Version)

AnewAmerica Certified Green Business Program Application (Spanish Version)

The application consists of 3 parts:

A. Greening Your Operations
B. Green Business Product
C. Community

In order to qualify to be a Certified Green Business, you must comply with

2. Mail application and supporting documents to:
AnewAmerica Community Corporation
ATTN: Green Business Program
1470 Fruitvale Ave. - Ste. # 5
Oakland, CA 94601

If you have any questions about the application or the program, contact one our fields offices.   In the East Bay, call  (510) 532 - 5240 and in the South Bay call (408) 326- 2669.

We look forward to recognizing your efforts to green your businesses!