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Green Cleaning Entrepreneurs- Lourdes & Fatima Lara

This week, in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we feature another inspiring entrepreneurial journey: the Lara sisters, Lourdes and Fatima, who have built a thriving green cleaning business in San Jose, Lara's Green Cleaning. They create jobs, provide a valuable, highly marketable service, and continue to build a future for their families.

Business name: Lara's Green Cleaning
Type of business: Cleaning business that uses eco-friendly, non-toxic products
Location: San Jose

Turning Obstacles into Opportunity: The Journey to Entrepreneurship

The Lara sisters emigrated to the United States from Guerrero, Mexico in 2004 to pursue greater economic opportunities. Once in the United States, though, they found that their then limited English skills added new difficulties first in finding work, then in advancing. Both mothers, they also needed flexible time off to care for their children.

Fatima's background in managing a cleaning business in San Jose inspired the sisters to open their own cleaning business. That's when Lourdes and Fatima connected with AnewAmerica.

Lourdes and Fatima, shown from left to right, graduated from AnewAmerica's business planning class in 2010.

A Lasting Connection: AnewAmerica and the Lara Sisters

Through AnewAmerica's intensive training and 1:1 on-going technical assistance, Lourdes and Fatima gained the skills and resources required to create a cleaning business that incorporated green business principles and eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for themselves, their workers, and their clients. Says Fatima, "It's our responsibility to help the environment, which is why we dedicated ourselves to take care of it by utilizing natural nontoxic and biodegradable products."


Today, five years after starting Lara's Green Cleaning, Lourdes and Fatima are in expansion mode, creating jobs, generating income, and building a future for their families. They are in the process of updating their visual identity and further developing their on-line presence. And AnewAmerica is there, helping make their dreams a reality every step of the way.

Set Goals and Believe You Can Achieve Them

Fatima and Lourdes like to advise others who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs. "Cuando alguien propone una meta, siempre tiene que pensar que si lo puede lograr, con esfuerzo y con mucha dedicación."

When you set a goal, you must always believe that you can achieve it, with effort and much dedication.
- Lourdes Lara


To contact Fatima and Lourdes at Lara's Green Cleaning, please go to their Yelp page or call them at (650) 391-7438.

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