Entrepreneur Profile

Julio Leiva, Socially Conscious Entrepreneur

Today, we celebrate AnewAmerica entrepreneur, Julio Leiva, owner of Lotus Cleaning Services, a flourishing green cleaning business that employs over 40 individuals in the East Bay.

Prior to joining AnewAmerica's program, Julio found himself starting from scratch in a new country with little capital and limited proficiency in English - but armed with a dream and determination.

Originally from El Salvador, Julio immigrated to the United States during the Salvadorean Civil War. Though he had obtained an advanced degree and owned a business in his country of origin, he had to start over when he came to the U.S.


Since becoming a client, AnewAmerica has provided Julio with the tools he has needed to realize his dreams of starting a business and becoming a successful, socially-responsible entrepreneur.

Key milestones in Julio's Entrepreneurial Journey:

  • Graduated from one of AnewAmerica's first business planning cohorts in 2002
  • Developed green methods of cleaning, with AnewAmerica's guidance
  • Received AnewAmerica Green Business Certification
  • Quickly started to experience 25-30% growth per year
  • Employed others, paying them well above minimum wage

Now successful with 42 employees and annual robust sales, Julio gives back to AnewAmerica by mentoring other entrepreneurs. He trains people in business practices and green cleaning methods - both one-on-one and in AnewAmerica workshops.

Julio says, "It is not like me to have a business that doesn't have some level of social responsibility. And it must be combined with a lot of ethics, professionalism, and high quality service."

We are proud of Julio's accomplishments! Help us continue to strengthen communities through entrepreneurship and donate this May 5th via East Bay Gives 2015!