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How to Run a Business with Your Significant Other

Owning a business can be stressful…especially, if you're running a business with your significant other. How do people do it? Many of AnewAmerica’s clients are married and co-own businesses – we interviewed a couple of them to find out how they make it work!

Let’s Recognize…it’s HARD WORK and it’s WORTH IT!

We interviewed two AnewAmerica business couples – Maria Cristina & Marcelo Mauri, Mauri Concrete Construction, and Christian Perez & Ana Lilia Heredia, Cortez Catering. Both couples agreed that owning a business together is a difficult, but grand adventure.

Christian and Ana Lilia just started their catering business less than two years ago, are still working full time jobs, and raising two young boys. Even grabbing a cup of coffee together can be a big deal. Maria and Marcelo, owners of Mauri Concrete, a more established business, spend most of their time growing the business together. As Maria put it, “(Y)ou have to have patience.” Check out the following tips on how these couples make it work!

Cortez Catering 

“The best thing is that we are achieving this dream together, and we’ll be together to embrace the success.” – Ana Lilia Heredia

Tips for Running a Business with Your Partner

Interested in starting a business with your significant other? Before starting on that adventure, do your business and relationship a favor by doing the following:


Agree on the big things so that you both are reaching for the same goals. Sometimes couples and business partners argue and get stuck on big and small issues. What color should the walls be? Who should we hire? Having clearly articulated, agreed upon goals makes working as a team easier and helps couples stay motivated because you can celebrate your successes together.


After you agree on common goals, set up a game plan. This recognizes that everyone has their own set of strengths and helps keep both parties moving forward without dealing with feelings of unfairness or resentment. One piece of key advice is to make time for each other and create an environment for open communication.


In business, you learn a lot about yourself and your significant other, helping to strengthen your partnership in all aspects of life. Ana Lilia, of Cortez Catering, discovered that she was more capable of running a business than she thought and credited that to her teamwork with her husband. Cristina, from Mauri Concrete, learned that her and her partner shared lots of “ganas para progresar” (ambition to advance in life) and used that shared drive to agree on the big things and enjoy their life together both in business and on a personal level. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone and though the journey is difficult, it can be fun and enlightening sharing it with your life partner.

Mauri Concrete Construction


The biggest advantage to running a business with your partner is that you are constantly pushing each other to be better and achieve more. Accessing resources like AnewAmerica's helps business owners stay on track to grow their businesses and manage their finances.

Cortez Catering’s first step was to connect with AnewAmerica where they received the business development and asset building training to support their dream of starting a family owned business. With clear goals and action plan, they recently received a $3,000 interest free loan from Kiva to expand their business.

Mauri Concrete recently completed AnewAmerica matched savings program for business capitalization. This helped build up their savings and savings behaviors while also providing a down payment for new equipment to expand their current services. AnewAmerica’s program provided them with a solid plan to ensure that they continue to grow their business of 16 employees and financial assets.

AnewAmerica thanks Ana Lilia & Christian as well as Maria & Marcelo for sharing these great tips!

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