Green Business

Green Business Certificate Program

Program Mission: To educate and encourage AnewAmerica’s entrepreneurs to adopt green, sustainable business practices that facilitate ecological conservation, healthy environments, strong community development, and a vibrant local economy.

Since our inception, AnewAmerica has offered Green Business curriculum within our Business Planning Classes.  Our entrepreneurs are implementing green business strategies in a variety of creative ways to offer consumers healthy goods and services. Examples of ecologically-conscious goods and services include: green housecleaning; Fair Trade handicrafts made from organic, natural, and non-toxic materials; organic, Fair Trade canvas reusable shopping bags; Tibetan rugs dyed with natural minerals; and centerpieces created from reused materials.

About 70% of our clients are AnewAmerica Green Certified. AnewAmerica’s Green Business Certificate program is designed to support entrepreneurs as they seek regional Bay Area Green Business certification.

AnewAmerica’s Certified Green Businesses strive to:

  • help protect the planet by greening operations, including reducing waste and energy consumption, conserving water, and preventing pollution
  • offer ecologically-conscious goods and services to consumers
  • protect the health and safety of their employees
  • support Fair Trade
  • promote healthy lifestyles

AnewAmerica Certified Green Businesses are involved in a diverse array of industries. The most popular green industry is cleaning services, which represents 24% of AnewAmerica Certified Green Businesses.  Other popular industries include day care (13%), food businesses (13%), and retail, apparel and office spaces (7%).

AnewAmerica's partner organizations in the field of green business include The Bay Area Green Business Program, The Green House Collective,, Oakland Recycles, Greenlining, Green Cafe Network, Urban Solutions, Contra Costa Child Care Council, Center for Green Business (Richmond), San Jose Environmental Services, and San Jose Recycles.

AnewAmerica Certified Green entrepreneurs participate in a range of Bay Area green business events, including the popular San Francsico Green Festival.


Cleaning Green

Gloria Roman and Julio Leiva both received AnewAmerica’s college certificate in Business Planning, and went on to launch green cleaning businesses.  Gloria operates Natural Living Professional Housecleaning in San Jose, while Jose coordinates Lotus Cleaning Services in Oakland.  Both Gloria and Julio were inspired to create green businesses during their classes at AnewAmerica.

You can contact Natural Living Professional Housecleaning at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and Lotus Cleaning Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..