BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Project

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AnewAmerica’s work on the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) Project represents the organization’s leveraging its expertise in collaboration, business corridor work and small business technical assistance in order to diversify our funding through Earned Income.

The BRT Project is the establishment of a bus corridor in the East Bay by AC Transit in conjunction with other transit authorities. In order to assist and mitigate the impact on small businesses directly impacted during and after construction, the City of Oakland contracted with two organizations to work with businesses in assigned geographies. AnewAmerica is one of the two General Contractors for technical assistance for impacted businesses of the BRT Project.

AnewAmerica arranged a consortium of non-profit partners to have the capability to meet the diverse needs of impacted businesses in its assigned geographies in Oakland. This allows us to bring a holistic approach to working with businesses while trying to mitigate business disruption and prepare for the economic opportunities that the BRT project will provide upon completion.

The BRT contract is one way AnewAmerica is leveraging its strengths to meet its financial goal of increasing revenue through earned income opportunities.